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  • "Just want to start off by saying thanks for creating your manuals. ...I don't know what I would have done without them. Best investment I've made in a while."

    Keith B.

  • "Just downloaded the e-book and have to say I am very impressed... very easy to read, even for a novice (Me). Looking forward to getting started on this new project. Well done!!"

    Brian T.

  • "I found this e-book after I was having difficulty customizing my OsCommerce site. This e-book is so easy to follow, you don't need any experience at all as it is laid out in such a format that anyone can use. With this e-book I was able to rectify all the discrepancies and have my site up and running in a few hours. This e-book is a must have for anyone using OsCommerce."


  • "Great ebook and great support. A+++..."

    Bill D.

  • "I found the book to be very well written and learned some better ways of customizing osCommerce. These manuals take all the mystery out of working with osCommerce and I highly recommend them anyone"


  • "Thanks for everything and many kudos! ... This book is really a great help to novices like me. I am sure I am going to use it again and again."

    Nate N.

  • "Thanks, I really like this book, am halfway through already and it's been a great help."

    Sara T.

  • "Wow! You guys are awesome! ... Thank you Shanna. :-)"

    Herman G.

  • "Kudos for making this program easy to understand. I usually hate reading manuals but I was impressed with this one..."


  • "Impressed. It's all I can say right now. Your book helped me solve a problem that I have had for some time."

    Thomas L.

  • "My second book from you guys. First I had an OScommerce store. Now I am upgrading to Opencart. I like this much more. "

    David G.

  • "So happy to pay for something and get more than I expected... thanks."


  • "I have found the book very useful... it will save me SO MUCH TIME as you have done all the hard work of pointing out which bits need to be changed. Some of the bits I might not have figured out, and so the books will help enormously."


  • "Keep up the good work! I tell all of my friends about you."


  • "I am pleased with the book... It is written in my language and I can understand it and I am so relieved to finally have a map through this strange land ..."


  • "I LOVE YOU!!!! Best books ever. I wish only the best for you all."


  • "Your instruction approach is good -- laid out well, easy to follow, relevant, ideal for someone with no PHP, MySQL experience."


  • "This is the best ecommerce reference I have ever found. Thanks very much."

    Jack D.

  • "...As an osCommerce expert I work with osCommerce everyday. I know the pitfalls that you can find yourself in. ... Trust me when I say that this book is something no store owner, or web developer should find themselves without."


  • "Your manual has been a big help to me in getting over the learning curve in learning how to use oscommerce. I am glad you wrote it!"

    Norton F.

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